Nobody knows license compliance like SCG.

Many software publishers use their current sales team and resellers for compliance matters. Which is why so many companies fail to collect all the fees they’re owed. Your sales force is great at selling value, building relationships and making deals. But collecting revenue from people using your software without a license takes a different set of skills.


Millions of proof points every year.

SCG customers know firsthand that our methods work. Their proof is in the millions of dollars in license revenue we have collected for them. Our team has been successful in high-value and high-volume situations. Wherever your licenses are being used, we’ll track the culprits down and get them to pay.

Specialized skills. Bottom line results.

At SCG, we live and breathe license compliance. We have more experience rooting out misuse, overuse and piracy and then securing favorable settlements than anyone in your organization — even your in-house compliance team. We’re comfortable having those uncomfortable conversations. Most importantly, we know how to deal with your customers in a sensitive and professional manner, to get them to do what’s right: pay for using your software.

We’ll recover your lost license revenue.

Our proven methodology includes investigation services, phone outreach, audits, legal action and law enforcement assistance. And because we’re as results-driven as you are, we expect you to hold us accountable for achieving your compliance goals. All of which is why SCG can offer the industry’s only guaranteed recovery service: You only pay when we collect.