Revenue Recovery Services

At SCG, we offer a full range of turnkey license compliance and revenue recovery services designed exclusively to help software publishers collect the license fees they’re owed. With our global reach, and English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Turkish, German, Russian, Ukranian, Vietnamese, Arabic, and other language fluency, we can provide services worldwide.



Our Inside Sales group is a process-driven, metric-driven, scalable machine. Highly educated on license compliance, well-versed in local laws and fluent in twelve languages, our Inside Sales team handles each case in the unique manner required to find the truth and settle a non-compliant situation. We’re confident that no one can match the skills and know-how of our compliance experts.



Because not every country treats non-compliance the same, legal intervention must sometimes be a necessary escalation or even the first point of contact in dealing with an infringer. Direct notice from our local lawyers citing applicable laws and penalties often gets the violator’s attention and opens a dialogue. Audit Requests, Cease and Desist Letters, Court Filings and Software Disablement are tactics that might be necessary if the customer resists settlement.



In some countries, the most appropriate and effective recovery method to settle non-compliance is an on-site raid. When that’s called for, SCG partners with local government ministries that have legal authority to send trained IT personnel to inspect facilities, servers and desktops unannounced. The signed and notarized analysis of raid results will provide the basis for our subsequent settlement discussion.



Our professionally executed audits ensure vendors and customers alike of compliant software use. In a two-way information exchange, we update the customer on their licenses, package changes and compliance guidelines while they provide details on their software use. Enterprise customers want to operate legally, and most willingly participate in this process. Even so, we’re ready to advise you on your options and take any additional steps that might be required to secure payment.

Advisory Services

The value we deliver at SCG comes from our unmatched experience in license compliance. For years, our clients have relied on that experience to recover millions of dollars in lost revenues. Now, through our expert advisory services, we can help your organization build your own highly effective compliance team. We’re ready to share our best practices, operationalize your staff, design an audit process and train your dedicated license compliance team on best practices for achieving profitable settlements.

Our No-Risk

We are so confident in our compliance enforcement methods and experience that SCG offers the industry’s only no-risk, completely guaranteed license revenue recovery program: Our fee is based on your recovery and we only get paid if we collect.