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The Sales Enablement Approach to Software License Compliance

January 02, 2019


Meishan Piao
Director, Global Compliance


Leveraging Data to Support a Portfolio of Engagement Strategies

Both parties in the IT buying process desire a fair deal based on value, but too often wind up feeling exposed due to complexity, uncertainty, and risk surrounding software assets over time. Traditionally ISVs have relied heavily (or even exclusively) on a single-threaded approach to remediating the problems posed by the IT buying process. In that vein, the most commonly accepted industry approach is arguably the audit. However, ISVs should explore a portfolio approach to monetizing their software. A portfolio model would yield greater overall flexibility in navigating the spectrum between the sins of the past (revenue recapture) and the forward business relationship (sales enablement), and would break that “one size fits all” paradigm of audit for everyone...

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