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The Right Escalation Process Will Get the Right Results

April 14, 2015


Jason Swan
Managing Director


We often say that you want to approach your customers with a carrot, not a stick. By creating an escalation process, you can minimize any negative impact on the relationship. No one wants to go to court; in the end your goal is to have a happy paying customer. Understanding how to approach each company and region is important. In the United States and Western Europe, this can include starting with localized warning letters clearly detailing the infringement. This softer approach allows your customer to true up without having to get the legal system involved. In BRIC countries, engaging with a letter is less effective, so getting your legal team involved from the start may be necessary. Having a defined process on how to engage and then escalate is required, but in order to escalate you need to a balanced coverage model to move infringers to the next step.

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