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You Need a Balanced Coverage Model

March 31, 2015


Jason Swan
Managing Director


Not every infringing organization should be approached the same way. There are different ways to respond to unlicensed use, and understanding each scenario and how to proceed is essential. There are several different pieces that can make up your revenue recovery ecosystem.

The first includes your internal team, both inside sales and direct sales. Direct sales already owns the relationship with the customer, which can be good and bad because they have a good rapport with the contacts already, but do not want to damage the relationship with reports of misuse. Your inside sales team can handle infringement leads at a much higher volume. They are highly educated on your message and reach out to infringing organizations with a soft approach.

Because localization is so key, having a global network of outsourced partners like regional channel partners and IP lawyers are a necessary piece to deal with infringement leads that your internal team cannot handle. They are more equipped to handle the local language and local law.

Lastly, a more formal process like a raid may be required in difficult to recover APAC countries to search the infringing organizations to find evidence to misuse.

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